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Days That Lie - Live

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Recorded live at Ty Blues - Mûr-de-Bretagne February 2020. Featuring Christian Lefievre on accordion & Leañdr Gwindourdezhi on percussion.


Days That Lie

I picked the holes in the score on the days that lied
count out the precious that I hold as the rules divide
the animals came in four by fours, made camp in the middle of the green
cut out the heart and the body soon learns to die.

Picked me up on a couple of words of war
me and the battle-done boys trying to settle the score
threw me in the back of a butcher's van, hit me with a lightning rod
to tell you the truth I really don't want to say more.

Those days
days that lie
those days
days that lie

Well I broke free to the strains of a victory song
crept to the edge of the camp then I was gone
took what I could carry - which was nothing much at all
headed for the river but the boat won't take me home

I walked for miles in the hills at a dangerous pace
with stones in my shoes and a wind that burned my face
I was buckled blue and all used up
they'd hung me out to die
cut me from the bottom of the list in a favoured race

Those days
days that lie
those days
days that lie

You can't buy silence and you can't sell a peace of mind
and a man can't trade what he's never had the luck to find
so put me in the middle of a hurricane
I'll never be a willow tree
better to be broken than bend to a crooked line

© 2014 Musica Scardanelli